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We are The Natural Chicken
Serving your family since 1990

The Natural started more than 25 years ago as a line of fresh tray packed chicken sold in your favorite supermarkets. Since that time, The Natural label guarantees minimally processed chicken with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The Natural meets the high standards of the USDA Grade A shield which has appeared on our label from the very beginning.
Within a decade, Consumer Reports rated The Natural Chicken as one of the “top, tastiest, fresh chicken[s] on the market” beating many well-known, and much larger, competitors. We did not stop there. Our dedication to providing healthy choices led us to introduce The Natural Never Ever Antibiotics line.
All of us at The Natural are committed to delivering premium, great-tasting chicken, constantly evolving and growing with the changing needs of our loyal customers.
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We care about your family and your health

Today, consumers are more knowledgeable and aware of what they eat. Consumers are reading labels and making healthier choices, so product labels and ingredients needed to change. As clean eating became a way of life, The Natural wanted to give customers like you the clean chicken you deserve – without sacrificing taste or quality. So The Natural No Antibiotics Ever line was born. Our chickens are never ever given any antibiotics. Our chickens only eat 100% Vegetarian Fed diets. The Natural No Antibiotics Ever is also Grade A. We care about our animals, and all our family farmers are committed to animal welfare.

The Future is The Natural

Recently, we decided to take it one step further and introduced The Natural Non-GMO line. Our Non-GMO chicken is Non-GMO Project Verified, guaranteeing that our family farms use Non-GMO feed. The Non-GMO Project is a 3rd-party organization that verifies that The Natural Non-GMO line is compliant with their strict Non-GMO standards. Like all of our products, The Natural Non-GMO line uses no antibiotics – ever! We are Certified Humane and Gluten-Free. Our Boneless Skinless Breasts are American Heart Certified and an excellent choice for healthy eating. Finally, our eco-friendly, styrofoam-free packaging uses thermo-film to keep our chicken fresh while continuing our commitment to our environment and community.

We also carry our popular, traditional The Natural All Natural line in jumbo and family packs for our loyal customers.

The Natural has evolved with the times, and we are still offering high-quality, great-tasting chicken to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Our birds are small, making our chicken tender and juicy. Whether you choose to try The Natural Never Ever Antibiotics, The Natural Non-GMO or The Natural All Natural line, your family will be making a healthy, environmentally-conscious choice!

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